How to choose the Best Smart Lighted Mirror for Home Decoration
How to choose the Best Smart Lighted Mirror for Home Decoration
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A Smart lighted mirror mimics the natural light and makes you see yourself crystal clear even in night time.

The main purpose of such bathroom or room accessory is to aid in clear visualization by means of natural light focused on the face. This is especially helpful for nighttime makeup application when brightness is insufficient. Nevertheless, makeup mirrors with light provide adequate illumination for women to carry out normal beautification routines before going out on a date at any time of the day.

If you are going to apply makeup for the day then of course the best light for doing it is the one that you will have to face the whole day and that’s day light. But since you don’t have natural light for applying makeup at night, this makes the LED bulb the most element for an efficient make over. And that’s definitely because of the light it emits. But since there are many types of LED mirrors available, you need to consider several other features such as the size, magnification and placement or portability of the mirror before purchasing. The most important feature of all is the light emitting from the mirror. Sometimes some mirrors make you look good; in fact they make you look like super models. This is not a good feature of a vanity lighted mirrors because once outside, you will look like your true self no matter what. So if you apply a horrible makeup you’d still look fabulous in the mirror but not beyond that limit.

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Smart lighted mirror Color:
The light closest to the natural light is the white light. So keep appropriate distance from warm and yellow light bulbs because they will make you look good no matter what you have done to yourself. That’s why candle light dinner is so romantic. It’s very lenient and makes everything looks great no matter how bad it is.

Smart lighted mirror Dimming ability:
A dimmable lighted makeup mirror lets you see your makeup in different settings. A perfect imitation of daylight is not always what you need; sometimes you may want to go out at night and would wonder how you would look in that environment rather than the bright one which your LED lighted mirrors creates. So if you’re preparing for a night out, you might want to dim the light to see if you still look good in the type of lighting you’ll be spending the night in…

Smart lighted mirror Color Rendering Index:
Also known as CRI, the Color Rendering Index of the light source is an important thing to consider when buying your vanity backlit mirrors. This is an expression of how well the light bulb reproduces colors. A CRI value between 60 and 75 is the best for makeup application and tweezing your eyebrows because it gives the best representation of daylight in its natural form. Having a CRI between 20 and 30 will make it harder to blend colors during makeup and will give your reflection a washed out appearance.

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